FGRAPH OU consists of three businesses.

Blockchain system development

Business system development

Marketing consulting


Multichain compatible software wallet

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FGRAPH is made up of members from Japan, Korea, China and Vietnam

Leo Bai


He is one of the most excellent advisors in Japanese crypto market, majoring in Structured Finance.
The expert has got 5 years of experience in structured finance and private equity, having supported many different Crypto/Blockchain Projects and Asian Brand Ambassadors during 3 years.

Akira Watarai


The Chief Executive Officer has been recognized as a genius since childhood.
He was able to handle Windows95 when he was 10. He also built his own WinMX private server when he was 12years old.
Being the administrator of a server holding thousands of loggers.
He is currently running an electronic medical record card development company with 400 engineers originating from Vietnamese branches.

Do Tien Thanh


With the treasured experience of holding the position of CTO for a major Japanese company, he is currently in charge of an IT vendor in Vietnam with 50 engineers. At the moment, he is working as the CTO of Himegami protocol.

Prince of the Earth

Virtual Marketer

The expert has been widely known as an influencer on Tiktok, with the number of followers exceeding 3k.
He's not a human in TikTok, he is a character. The biggest characteristic is to inform information easily, with recognized achievement.


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